Friday, June 6, 2014

[NV Designs] Fine Motors

So the other day I was surfing marketplace, and I saw an ad for a car. I tend to do some roleplay in urban family settings, either as a shop owner or what ever is available. So I saw this adorable little blue car (click here) upon seeing the vehicle, I was a little taken back by the price. Now being fooled before on previous vehicles on marketplace saying they use their own scripts, that they do not use ACS. Which is a bunch of baloney!

Upon future inspection and looking around, I found one of these vehicles on the sim I roleplay on! Pleasant to my surprise, it was a tow-truck. Very realistic. Deciding to take it upon myself, figuring it never hurts to ask. I sent an instant message to the owner isis Kittinger (jdeberhart). Instantly a reply of yes how can I help you? To which I would reply with a request to test drive said vehicles..1, 2 ,3..You get the idea. Immediately I was shocked by how little the car was, than was told promptly that it has a resizer script. Also that this is HER OWN, built from the ground up, scripting. I thoroughly enjoyed the test drive and all the options this vehicle has. I URGE YOU!!! Go to her store! Check out the cars, you will NOT be disappointed.

Anyway, here are the photos!